Anna Spitz

AnnaHi, I'm Anna. I began my apprenticeship in 2011. I enjoy many different types of tattooing as you'll see in my portfolio. I strive to help people get a custom tattoo that really embodies their vision for the piece. I am so grateful for being able to make art for people and help them through the process. I feel that tattooing is a vital piece to so many people's identities and am lucky to share that with them. I am also a fine artist, lover of cats, enjoy-er of the great outdoors and baker of sweet things. I can't wait to work with you on your next adventure!

Anna's Work

  • Bird with Apple, Honey Comb, and Flower
  • Black and Grey Amazon Plants Half Sleeve
  • Black and Grey Angel
  • Black and Grey Coat of Arms
  • Black and Grey Fibonacci Shell
  • Black and Grey Flowers Stomach
  • Black and Grey Phoenix
  • Blackout Half Sleeve
  • Color Dragon Half Sleeve
  • Jurassic Park Raptor Clever Girl
  • Life is What You Make It, Black and Grey
  • Mandala
  • Sleeve
  • Solar System Rib Piece
  • Steampunk Bee Sunset Bomb
  • Studio Ghibli Half Sleeve
  • Death Before Dishonor Traditional
  • Traditional KMNR Family
  • Traditional Rooster
  • Venus of Willendorf Folk Art Roses, Lilac by Amanda Pepper
  • Wild Flower Cover-up, rework balck and blue