Amanda Pepper

AmandaAmanda has been tattooing in saint louis since 2004. She likes tattooing various different styles including realism, abstract, illustrative, and bright color as well as black and grey. Amanda also enjoys oil painting, collage, and crafting.

Amanda's Work

  • Anatomical Heart
  • Black and Grey Art Deco Woman
  • Black and Grey Flowers
  • Brushstroke Rooster
  • Canary in Coalmine
  • Colorful Parrots
  • Comic Rescue Dog
  • Cow Skull and Flowers
  • Cartoon Monkey
  • Cute Cartoon Unicorn
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Dog Portrait
  • Fancy Cat
  • Fox and Globe
  • King of Hearts
  • Lucky Cat
  • Pretty Mermaid
  • Retro Style Woman
  • Shark
  • Succulent Plants
  • Taditional Buffy
  • Traditional Colorful Flowers
  • Tree Woman
  • Vintage Art Deco Woman
  • Where the Wild Things Are