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We are a professional tattoo studio in Saint Louis City, Missouri, conveniently located in beautiful Benton Park. Lucky Cat offers custom tattooing by appointment only. Each of the artists at Lucky Cat has over 10 years experience, a true dedication to their craft, and passion for their artistry. We strive to provide our clientele with a clean and comfortable atmosphere and quality tattooing. Lucky cat Studio also offers reconstructive tattooing for breast cancer survivors and tattooing over scar tissue. We are honored to provide these services, and we love what we do!


Lucky Cat Crew

Mission/Vision Statement

Lucky Cat Studio is dedicated to providing a clean, comfortable, non-judge mental space where we can follow our passion of creating art and help our clients express themselves through beautiful, custom, professional tattooing.

Meet Our Artists!

Amanda Pepper

AmandaAmanda has been tattooing in saint louis since 2004. She likes tattooing various different styles including realism, abstract, illustrative, and bright color as well as black and grey. Amanda also enjoys oil painting, collage, and crafting.

Amelia McCormack

AmeliaAmelia is originally from southern California and has been tattooing since 2005. She is a full time mother to both kids and cats when not working; sewing and gardening if there is any more time!

Angie Meuth

AngieAngie has always been an artist in one form or another, with work in a variety of mediums, but her chief passion is tattooing. After nearly a decade in the field, her favorite subjects are pin-ups, girl faces, animals and nature scenes, with a preference for illustration, black and grey, realism, and traditional styles. When not tattooing, she has a wide range of hobbies and interests, including sewing, painting, and making dollhouse miniatures. Let Angie bring your idea to life!

What to Expect

We understand that getting tattooed is a very meaningful and personal experience. Take a look through our artist individual work in their portfolios below. Like any other visual art, you may notice a signature style. This is the artists unique look, developed out of years of refining technical and artistic skills. Take a moment to think about what style you feel drawn to. Ready to get serious about making your tattoo idea a reality? Here's how it works!

The first step is to email the artist you would like to work with. Provide a description of your idea as well as any images for reference. The artist may ask you for more information, or to meet for a consultation to discuss further details. Each appointment request is thoughtfully considered; however, we are unable to accept every project. If the artist feels that the concept is not within the scope of their expertise, they may give a referral or recommendation.

During the consultation is a great time to ask the artist about any questions you may have. Its also an opportunity for us to get to know eachother. It is very important that both client and artist can comfortably communicate with one another for the best outcome possible with your new tattoo. As the artist works to bring your vision to life; trust in the process allows the artist to do what they do best, create!

Be sure to visit the FAQ section of our site for more helpful information.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set an appointment?

To set an appointment, email one of our artists. You will receive an auto-response with instructions for the next steps.

What should I expect from a consultation?

Some consultations may be handled through email, or your artist may have you set an in-person consultation. A consultation appointment is usually 15-30 minutes. During the consultation, you will meet with your artist and discuss your ideas. Bring any reference images you would like to show your artist. After planning, your artist will give you an estimate for your tattoo, and you may set a tattoo appointment at that time. The consultation itself is free, but reserving an appointment may require a deposit (at artist's discretion).

Is a deposit refundable?

Deposits are non-refundable, but the amount is deducted from the total cost of your tattoo. For example, if your tattoo is estimated to be 100$, the artist may take a 20$ deposit from you. This goes toward the time that the artist works on your drawing, and ensures that no time is lost for a scheduled appointment. When you get your tattoo, you would pay the remaining balance of 80$. If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to another day with 48 hours notice.
A no call/ no show means your deposit is forfeited.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo is decided by the amount of time it takes, the size, location, and detail. Price varies from piece to piece. The shop minimum is 90$. Some tattoos (especially larger pieces) are priced at an hourly rate, with our artists ranging from 140-180$/hr.

Do any of your artists do: micro-tattoos, 3d tattoos, light prism tattoos, glitter tattoos, photo-realism, embroidery tattoos... etc.?

This can be a tricky subject. Unfortunately, there are so many pictures of tattoos on the internet that are either enhanced, edited, or only showing the tattoo fresh. This does not accurately depict how a tattoo looks in reality, when it heals, or as it ages. Its important to us that your tattoo stays looking good for a lifetime. So, if there is a concern that your tattoo will not meet your expectations, then we will not do it. You will need to talk in detail with an artist to determine whether they can do your tattoo or not.
Do you do group sessions?

Our studio is not able to accommodate any more than three people per appointment, per artist. Sorry, we do not accept appointments for groups larger than three.

Can I bring a friend with me to my appointment?

You may bring one or a maximum of two friends with you to your appointment.

Can I bring my child with me?

Only persons 18 years or older are allowed in the tattoo studio, no exceptions. We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

What else should I bring to my appointment?

Bring your state issued ID for paperwork. You may also bring a snack and/or non-alcoholic beverage. This is recommended especially for long sessions. Wear something comfortable, with easy access to the area that will be tattooed. Some people like to bring a pillow, listen to headphones, or play a game on their smartphone, whatever helps you to relax.

What is the aftercare process for a tattoo?

The healing time for a tattoo is 2-4 weeks. Wash your tattoo 3-4 times a day with antibacterial liquid soap (like dial or softsoap). Lightly moisturize as needed with afragrance free hand lotion (like lubriderm or aquaphor).

Tegaderm Aftercare Instructions

Leave the Tegaderm bandage on your tattoo for up to, but no longer than, 5 days. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd day, there is a significant amount of fluid leaking out of the bandage. Dab the edges with a paper towel as needed. If the bandage starts to peel off on its own, enough to begin exposing your tattoo, it is time to remove the bandage. Run warm water over the bandage as you remove it. Begin peeling back from the most exposed edge. The water will help loosen the seal.After the bandage is removed, wash with a mild antibacterial soap, like Dial or Softsoap, and warm water. Rinse and pat dry with a paper towel.There may be some mild flaking after this. Continue to lightly moisturize as needed with unscented lotion.

DO NOT: Scratch or pick at your tattoo, go swimming or soak in a tub, or expose your tattoo to prolonged sun until it is healed. Your tattoo artist will discuss aftercare and provide you with printed instructions. Everyone's skin heals differently, please ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

Aftercare Instructions
Tegaderm Aftercare Instructions

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated; whatever you feel comfortable with.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or credit card. Sorry, no checks.

Stay Home Sick Chart


Lucky Cat Studio is happy to offer reconstructive tattooing services for breast cancer survivors. Please see our gallery (CAUTION: gallery contains nudity) for examples of reconstructive tattoos. There are different types of tattoos that can be done over scar tissue including; pigmentation over a grafted nipple, '3-d' effect nipple tattoos, and design work over scar tissue. We also do tattooing over surgical or other scar tissue. Please contact Amanda for a consultation appointment to see if reconstructive tattooing would be a good option for you.

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